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Dinner Meeting -

“Oops! What Did They Do To Us This Year"
presented by:
The Attorneys of Clayton & McCulloh

Thursday, October 19
Holiday Inn Space Coast Convention Center 301 Tucker Ln, Cocoa, FL 32926
5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Roundtable Discussion on "Collections - Getting the Job Done!" with Clayton & McCulloh Attorney, Jennifer Davis
4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.




Managers Code of Ethics

Because this Code of Ethics is designed to establish a standard of conduct for the practice of managing community associations in Brevard County, Florida, it is equally applicable to individual Community Association Managers (CAMs) and firms (CAM Firms).  An individual CAM who agrees to abide by this Code shall also be responsible to see that any other person (CAM) or firm (CAM Firm) under his/her supervision shall also comply with the Code.

As a member of the BCAM:


I affirm that I will participate in continuing professional education through BCAM and other industry related organizations and that I will maintain all licenses and claimed credentials or qualifications ‘in good standing’ with the issuing authority(s) at all times.

I affirm that I will request a bid from the appropriate BCAM Partner each time one of my associations is in need of services that a BCAM Partner offers and provide the BCAM Partner a fair and level opportunity to earn the Association’s business.  I understand that the opportunity to provide a bid does not guarantee that the BCAM Partner will be awarded the bid. If the BCAM Partner does not receive the contract, I agree to provide the BCAM Partner honest feedback as to why they did not receive the contract so that they use this valuable information in future bids with other associations.

I affirm that I will only undertake those engagements that I can reasonably expect to perform with professional competence and in full compliance with all applicable governing laws and authorities having jurisdiction.

I affirm that I will take all necessary steps to avoid any perception of favoritism or impropriety during the vendor selection process and negotiation of any contracts.

I affirm that I will NOT represent personal or business interests divergent from or conflicting with those of the client or employer and shall not accept, directly or indirectly, any rebate, fee, commission, discount, or other benefit, monetary or otherwise, which could reasonably be seen as a conflict with the interests of the client, my employer or CAM firm, unless the client or employer is first notified in writing of the activity or potential conflict of interest, and consents in writing to such representation. 

I affirm that I will refrain from criticizing competitors or their business practices; I will act in the best interests of my Employer; and I will maintain a professional relationship with my peers and industry related professionals.

I affirm that I will NOT directly solicit nor seek to pursue any CAM or CAM Firm’s clientele, employees, or staff while at a BCAM event or as a direct result of my involvement and/or attendance with BCAM event, committee, or matter.  Any of the foregoing who should independently approach me or my CAM Firm – without prompting – for the purpose of obtaining competing management bids, seeking employment, or for the purpose of conducting normal and reasonable business operations shall be exempt from this provision.  Nothing in this Code, however, shall restrict legal and reasonable business competition by and among CAMs or CAM Firms. Lists of clients, along with their contact and confidential contract information that are maintained by a CAM or CAM Firm, are considered proprietary

I affirm that I will NOT use the Work Products of colleagues or competing management firms that are considered proprietary without the expressed written permission of the author or the CAM/CAM Firm.  For the purposes of this section, “Work Product” shall be defined as the original work of a CAM or CAM Firm that has been developed by or expressly for the CAM or CAM Firm for the purpose of serving its clientele or conducting its business operations which is unique to that CAM or CAM Firm and which is not readily available for purchase or acquisition through normal commercial or retail sources.  “Work Product” shall include such items as spreadsheet templates; documents or document templates; forms; etc. Work products that are posted on the internet, e-mailed, or presented as part of an education session or industry related networking exchange are not considered proprietary unless they are clearly labeled as proprietary documents or subject to further protection under copyright, registration, or confidentiality measures taken beforehand.

I affirm that I will at all times exercise loyalty to the best and highest interests of the client and the employer or firm with whom I am affiliated.  I affirm that I will NOT engage in any activity that could be reasonably construed as contrary to the interests of the client or my employer.  If an activity would result in a conflict between the interests of the firm or employer and the interests of the client, then the interests of the client shall take precedence.

I affirm that I will NOT disclose to any third party, including, but not limited to real estate professionals, vendors, or others any confidential or proprietary information which would be injurious or damaging to a client concerning the client’s official records, business operations, or personal affairs except: a) with the client’s prior written consent;  b) with demonstrable proof that the third party has authority to receive such information; or c) as required or compelled by applicable laws and regulations.

I affirm that I will NOT make, authorize, participate in, or otherwise encourage any false or misleading comments concerning the practices of any CAM, CAM Firm, and/or BCAM Partner.  I affirm that I will truthfully represent material facts in my professional and business activities.  I affirm that I will NOT exaggerate or misrepresent the services offered by myself or my CAM Firm as compared with the services offered by another CAM or CAM Firm.  Nothing in this Code, however, shall restrict legal and reasonable business competition by and among CAMs or CAM Firms.

I affirm that I will at all times and to the best of my abilities conduct business and personal activities with knowledge of and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and will not participate in nor condone – through action, word, inaction, or silence – any unlawful or unethical activity by any person or entity, whether Client, Employer, CAM, CAM Firm, staff, vendor or other party.

I affirm that I will competently manage the property of the client with due regard for the rights, responsibilities, and benefits of the owners and/or tenants, residents, guests and others lawfully on the property.  I affirm that I will NOT engage in any conduct that is in conscious disregard for the safety and health of those persons lawfully on the premises of the client’s property.

I affirm that I have a responsibility to provide the BCAM Board of Directors with any significant factual information that reasonably suggests that another CAM may have violated this Code of Ethics.  Such information must be presented as outlined in the BCAM’s Membership Application Terms & Conditions and this Code of Ethics.

I understand and agree that the interpretation of compliance with this Code is the responsibility of the Managers Advisory Committee and the BCAM Board of Directors.  Any violation by a CAM or CAM Firm of the obligations of this Code and any disciplinary action for violation of any portion of this Code shall be determined and carried out in accordance with and pursuant to the terms of the Bylaws of BCAM.  The result of such disciplinary action shall be final and binding upon the affected CAM or CAM Firm and without recourse to the BCAM, its officers, members, employees, or agents.

·         I pledge myself to maintain the highest moral and ethical standards consistent with the objectives and higher purpose of the BCAM.

·         I pledge myself to seek and maintain an equitable, honorable, and cooperative association with fellow Members and Exclusive Partners of BCAM and with all others who may become a part of my business and professional life.  I recognize and support the need to preserve and encourage fair and equitable practices and competition among all who are engaged in the profession of CAM.

·         I pledge myself to place honesty, integrity, and industriousness above all else and to pursue my gainful efforts with diligent study and ongoing education so that my services shall be beneficial to the general public and my obligations to my clients shall always be maintained at the highest possible level.

·         I pledge myself to comply with the principles and declarations of the BCAM as set forth in its Bylaws, Membership Conditions, and this Code of Ethics.

·         I pledge that I will promote membership in BCAM and attendance of my Community Association Board Members and fellow managers at BCAM meetings. 

I agree to abide by the BCAM Code of Ethics and to be subject to disciplinary action as adopted by the Board of Directors and the Managers Advisory Committee.  All of the information provided by me is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.  If I made or at any time make statements with knowledge of its falsity, I understand that it shall be cause for denial, sanction or revocation of my membership in the BCAM. 

Created by the Managers Advisory Committee and approved by BCAM’s Board of Directors.  This Code of Ethics shall be applicable and binding upon every current and future Manager Member of BCAM as terms of membership in BCAM.

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